Tea is so much more than just water and tea leaves. This drink can certainly be called the most popular in the world, because people drink billions of cups of tea every day.

With the advent of specialized online stores, new opportunities have opened up for the purchase of high-quality tea products, which are seriously superior to analogues from supermarkets and other retail and wholesale outlets. Why is it so? Most likely, you already know the answer. Very often, manufacturers use low-quality tea raw materials, adding all kinds of dyes and flavors to it. Fans of tea bags and instant coffee have probably come across such low-quality products more than once. Its price is primarily dictated by the design and material of the packaging, and not by the cost of production raw materials. That is why those wishing to buy high-quality elite Chinese tea should pay attention to online stores.

Today, thanks to Tao Bao and AliExpress, buying goods from China is not at all difficult. But prepayment is required, and delivery may be delayed, and the quality of tea is almost impossible to assess, and there is a risk of damage to the goods during transportation. All in all, not for the faint of heart.

We took care of you and brought the best varieties of tea directly from China. Therefore, after 2-3 days you can enjoy this wonderful drink. ChinaChay delivers throughout Ukraine, the CIS countries, as well as non-CIS countries.
History of tea

The first mentions of tea in Rus’ date back to 1567 [1], however, tea became a common drink only in the last third of the 19th century, after the conclusion of an agreement with China on trade deliveries. Initially, the tea ceremony was available only to noble and merchant houses. Not everyone could afford the cost of purchasing and supplying tea. After the opening of a shorter route by sea, the product became cheaper and became available to all segments of the population. They drank it on every occasion: during a conversation, after a bath, for warming, after a difficult journey, when meeting guests. The leaves were placed inside a porcelain or ceramic teapot, then poured with boiling water. The drink was traditionally served with bagels, buns, donuts, jam, honey, sugar.

Over time, tea has become familiar to people almost all over the world, although different nations drink it in their own way. Someone prefers black varieties, someone green, someone likes to drink it with milk and sugar, and someone enjoys the natural taste of the tea leaf.

We offer you real quality Chinese teas. The range includes samples of the highest category, as well as simpler options with their own special properties and aromas.
Why is elite Chinese tea so valued?

Elite tea from China is valued due to the fact that its production requires strict rules. To obtain a high-quality variety, everything is important: the place of cultivation, the time and technique of collection, the features of drying the leaf, which allow it to retain the entire set of nutrients in it. Packaging, storage and transportation of finished products also require special conditions. Therefore, elite teas are more expensive than other categories. Our online store has long and closely cooperated with trusted manufacturers and importers of these products.