Who We Are

ChinaChay.com.ua is a specialized store where you can order tea of the highest quality. Here you can not only buy Chinese tea, but also get a lot of useful information about the properties, methods of brewing and the history of this magical drink. Drink quality tea, strengthen your health and be happy!

Our Story

The history of opening the ChinaChay store dates back to 2012, at a time when Chinese tea was not familiar to Kharkiv residents and only a few people heard the name “puer” or “oolong”. By 2013, branches of the ChinaChay store were opened in Dnipro and Kiev, and deliveries were made straight from China in 100-kilogram batches. The ChinaChay team has grown and developed, and numerous city-wide tea events have been organized. Visiting tea ceremonies and tea accompaniment of tourism and electronic music festivals were not uncommon.

Our Values

ChinaChay Chinese tea shop has been operating for 11 years. During this time, we launched 4 websites in turn, survived 2 economic crises and established contacts with the best suppliers of Chinese tea – eminent tea factories and small provincial manufacturers. At the moment, the store operates in an online format and plans to restart the physical outlet during 2023.