In the cultural tradition of China, red tea is considered to be varieties that give the finished drink amazing and rich shades of red. Newbies to the art of tea often confuse these unique varieties with black teas familiar to every ordinary person. Which, however, is not surprising, because they have a somewhat similar appearance, the real differences can be seen only after brewing. Our website presents various varieties of red tea that will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste needs.

A variety of flavors of black varieties of tea:

  • Dian Hong. This type of tea has a rich aroma and a unique taste, which is not surprising – only the best leaves are used for its production. Lychee or rose are often added to this tea to give the finished drink an elegant note.
  • Red snail. The aroma of this tea stirs the imagination with sweet fruity notes, and the trail that leaves an aftertaste of subtle notes of honey, dried fruits and pineapples makes the tea ceremony unforgettable.
  • Golden snail. This unique type of tea is made from young spring leaves, twisted into spirals, which have a rich golden color. The taste palette of this tea is incredibly diverse, the smallest nuances of brewing change the plume of the drink, making it possible to catch new magical notes of honey, warm spices, fruit, caramel, chocolate with each tea.

In case of difficulties with the choice of tea, we recommend contacting the author of this project, who, based on your preferences, will help you choose the most suitable drink for you.

Yunnan black tea

The bulk of the tea varieties presented in the various categories of our site were grown under the gentle sun of Yunnan province – a friendly corner – recognized as the birthplace of the Chinese camellia (a plant traditionally called tea). A variety of tea varieties are grown in the fields of the province, but it is especially famous for its puerh tea.

But in addition to this variety, familiar to everyone at least by hearsay, Yunnan also abounds in other types of tea, among which is red. But it should be noted that the range of varieties presented on our website includes tea grown outside the province, namely Hong Cha Fujian.

Benefits of black Chinese tea

In the process of making tea, the leaves undergo fermentation, as a result of which unique useful substances necessary for the human body are formed in the finished product. Among the main ones are flavonoids, anthocyanins, pectins, catechins and many others.

Regular consumption of tea helps to increase the tone of the body, cleanse it of impurities, toxins, decay products, regulate metabolic processes, improve digestion and the activity of internal organs. Tea has an equally magical effect on the appearance: the condition of the skin improves, the complexion becomes brighter.

Basics of brewing Hong Cha

To obtain a drink with a unique taste and a unique aromatic plume, it is recommended to follow the basic brewing rules

  1. Use good water – clean and soft (you should not take water from the tap, it is better to water the flowers with it).
  2. Watch the water temperature – it should be around 90 degrees (you don’t want to kill all the wonderful tea substances with boiling water).
  3. Choose the appropriate tableware – it is better to use special Chinese tableware designed for the tea ceremony, teapots, French presses (but no one canceled ordinary cups either).
  4. Wash the leaves before brewing.
  5. Take the required amount of tea – 5-10 grams for one tea.
  6. If you use the duct method, start with 5-7 seconds. Next, increase the exposure time by ten seconds. High-quality tea can be poured 7 or more times.

Where to buy black tea?

To buy red tea and delight yourself with amazing tastes and aromas, it is enough to contact the author of this resource, whose contacts are presented in the corresponding section. A representative of our cozy world of tea will help you not only arrange the purchase and delivery to any part of Ukraine, but also choose the appropriate variety for you or your loved ones that meets individual taste preferences. Enjoy the rich palette of our teas and discover new amazing tastes and aromas.