Black tea Hong Jin Lo – Golden snail


Type: fermented red teas.

Origin: China, Yunnan Province, Kunming District.

Title: Hong Jing Lo, Golden Spirals, Golden Snail



Red teas from Yunnan differ from each other in tea action, aroma, appearance, intensity and color of the infusion. The famous Dian Hong, and the no less famous Golden Snail among tea lovers, belong to Yunnan tips red teas. Unlike Dian Hong, the “Golden Snail” does not have straight leaves, but rolled into small characteristic “snails”. The growing area of the raw materials from which the “Golden Snail” is obtained is called the Chinese “Tea Burgundy”, by analogy with one of the most famous wine-growing regions of France.
The Yunnan province is known far beyond China for its luxurious dark teas, both harvested from tea bushes and pu-erhs, the raw materials for which are harvested from straight tea trees. The red Chinese tea “Golden Snail” brought to your attention is a bright representative of high-quality Yunnan teas. This stunning red tea with golden streaks of delicate fragrant tips leaves has a pleasant aroma and rich taste typical of real Yunnan red teas. Perfect for evening tea.

The taste of tea infusion: rich, pleasant, with notes of cereals, slightly tart, refreshing.

The color of the tea infusion is dark, similar to aged noble cognac, reddish-brown, up to reddish-black, depending on the amount of tea leaves.

Health benefits of this tea:

  • Prevention of osteoporosis;
  • This tea makes the “belly and heart warm” according to traditional Chinese medicine;
  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure;
  • Reducing the rate of aging of the body;
  • Reducing the likelihood of contracting colds and viral diseases.

Brew Golden Snail tea with prepared clean water at a temperature of 90 … 95 degrees, infusions, starting from 10 … 20 seconds, adding 5 … 10 seconds with each brewing.

Have a nice tea state with Golden Snail tea!

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