White tea is a drink for connoisseurs

White tea or bai-cha (白茶) is an amazing drink that has a delicate taste and a lot of useful properties. In ancient times, it was rare and very expensive, so it was drunk only by members of imperial families. Ordinary people, even the rich, could not afford this drink. Now this elite tea can be bought in almost any tea shop.

Features of the variety

White tea is made exclusively from young leaves and buds of the tea bush. The leaves are covered with thin hairs called “bai hao”, which means “white eyelashes” in Chinese. Especially valuable are the leaves collected early in the morning in the first spring and first autumn days.

Harvesting is done manually and only in good weather. On windy and rainy days, the crop is not harvested, so some part of it inevitably dies. This explains the highest price of white tea. In addition, careful and careful transportation is required.

Tea leaves are minimally processed: they are dried in the sun and steamed for a short time. Fermentation occurs naturally. Thanks to this, all useful substances are preserved.

The leaves are not twisted, they are carefully sorted, removing damaged and unusable ones. Tea is produced in loose or pressed form.

Benefits of white tea

White tea is not only tasty, but also useful for health. It has the following properties:

  • improves the functioning of the immune system;
  • strengthens the heart and blood vessels, lowers blood pressure;
  • normalizes the blood sugar level;
  • improves sleep, relieves nervous tension, helps fight depression;
  • enriches the body with vitamins and antioxidants;
  • prevents the formation of cancer cells;
  • improves skin condition;
  • treats colds;
  • helps fight excess weight;
  • strengthens tooth enamel, disinfects the oral cavity, protects teeth from caries;
  • lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots.

Regular consumption of white tea has a positive effect on the general condition of the body and helps to treat some diseases.

Brewing rules

The taste of the finished drink depends on how correctly it is brewed. There are several important rules:

1. White tea absorbs any odors very well, so for its preparation you need to take a clean porcelain or glass teapot in which no other types of tea have been brewed.

2. One teapot will require 3-5 g of dry tea.

3. It is better not to use tap water, but tap water or filtered water. First, it is brought to a boil, then it is cooled to 60-70 degrees, and only then is the tea brewed. Do not pour boiling water over tea leaves, otherwise they will lose most of their useful properties.

4. The teapot or porcelain dish should be poured with boiling water and warmed up a little.

5. After brewing, it is necessary to let the drink insist for about five minutes, although different varieties of white tea require different infusion times.

One portion of tea can be brewed three times. Some varieties can withstand up to 8-10 ducts. Experts claim that when re-brewed, the taste and aroma of the drink are revealed in full, only you need to insist it not for five, but for two minutes.

The finished drink has a pale yellow or slightly pink color and a delicate, slightly sweet taste with a pleasant aftertaste. Its aroma is delicate, grassy.

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