Type: white, unfermented, tips teas

Origin: North Fujian, Wuyishan

Name: Bai Mu Dan

Alternative name: White peony



Bai Mu Dan is a very unusual, with an original, not typical for typical white tea taste, aroma, appearance of dry and cooked tea leaves. Everything about Bai Mu Dan is amazing: both its origin, which is not typical for white tea, and its reaction to contact with sufficiently hot water – thus, Bai Mu Dan does not become bitter and astringent, it simply loses some of the saturation of the aroma when brewed with boiling water incorrectly.

Bai mu dan is a white Chinese tea, which is made from a special kind of tea bushes – dabai cha – a distinctive feature of which are large leaves. To prepare bai Mu dan, a tea bud (tips) is taken – as part of this tea, it is all covered with a delicate thin white pile and two identical tea leaves following the bud and slightly covered with its fluff. By the way, bai mu dan of the highest grade is prepared using a kidney and only one leaf, the first after it.

Raw materials for the preparation of Bai Mu Dan are taken from the very first, spring, fresh. Naturally, alpine tea is more valued. And Bai Mu Dan grows next to Wuyishan (red) oolongs.

Petioles are almost completely absent in tea leaves, and large, unopened buds with simply huge flashes, as for the first young leaves, attract attention.

The aroma is delicate, delicate, floral, light and pleasant. To reveal the aroma of this tea, it is very important to follow the mode of brewing tea.

The taste is brightly floral, with a really peony aftertaste, so the name White Peony is 100% justified.

The color of the infusion is at first pale yellow, and later golden. The tea is clear and pure.

The tea effect is very mild. So, white peony perfectly refreshes the head and puts thoughts in order, but it does not have a pronounced stimulating effect on the body. Suitable for both morning tea drinking: ideal for raising your mood and positive entry into a new day, and for evening tea. If no later than an hour before bedtime, there is a need to streamline thoughts and place emphasis.

Bai Mu Dan should be used very carefully: this tea will not give characteristic astringency and bitterness if the water temperature is not observed – you will not even immediately understand that the white peony is brewed incorrectly, but the water temperature affects the intensity of taste, aroma and tea effect significantly.

Pour tea with water not hotter than 75C, hold the first tea leaves for up to 10 seconds and drink. Pour the second brew with water slightly cooled to 70C and hold for up to 15 seconds, gradually increasing the brewing time to one and a half to two minutes. The minimum allowable water temperature is 60C.

Bai Mu Dan on average withstands 8-10 brews. Very tasty and good quality bai cha.

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