Among the many gifts of Eastern culture that benefit the peoples of Western countries, “lu-cha” (绿茶), or green tea, occupies a special place. It is one of the oldest varieties of Chinese tea.

What does green tea represent today?

Today, green tea is known as an excellent tonic and as an excellent thirst quencher. The method of making this type of tea ensures that all useful substances are preserved in its leaves. The traditional technology includes the collection of tea leaves, their drying, heat treatment and final drying. Elite varieties are always picked and rolled exclusively by hand.

Actually, the color of green tea can be quite different – both weak, delicate pistachio, and bright green, and the taste will give you floral and herbaceous shades.

Before you buy green tea, you should familiarize yourself with the properties of each particular variety and then select it individually for your needs.

Green tea properties:

The beneficial properties of this drink are not limited to the tonic effect. Good green tea promotes the breakdown of adipose tissue by improving the metabolism of fats in the body without side effects. Accelerates the processes of recovery of the body from bruises and wounds, starts the removal of toxins and radionuclides from the body (this is evidenced by a number of studies by Japanese scientists). Given the properties of this product, which contribute to the treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases, it may be useful for those who want to lower blood cholesterol levels. It is also worth buying green tea for those who want to improve muscle tone without increasing the load on the heart muscle.

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