Lu Cha


Type: green teas, spiral rolled, medium fermentation

Name: lu cha

Origin: Yunnan



For lovers and connoisseurs of good green tea, lu cha is just a godsend. One of the most famous Chinese green teas, Lu Cha saturates the body with vitamins and antioxidants, the head with bright and positive thoughts, and the soul with the radiant energy of the sun. When you drink this tea, you feel how the warming rays of the sun spread under the skin with warmth and cheerfulness. In your green tea collection, Lu Cha will definitely find its place.

Interesting and tasty Yunnan green tea, with a whole bunch of useful, important and necessary substances for the body. It turns out very tasty, very pleasant and energetic, and at the same time it is also useful. Wonderful drink.

The tea leaf is rather small, whole, practically without petioles. In the brew, light green leaves are revealed, almost evenly colored, without traces of fermentation.

The color of the tea infusion is light, greenish, lemon, acquiring more and more gold from brewing to brewing. Perfect clear tea.

The aroma of the drink is floral-herbal, slightly spicy. Strong, rich, pleasant. I would like to get acquainted with this smell for a long time, enjoying it in the process of drinking tea.

The taste is intense, slightly reminiscent of roasted pumpkin seeds, spicy, floral-herbal, tart, with sweetness and freshness.

A wonderful green tea to start the day, and for everyone. Drink lu cha every day, let the morning start be a sea of ​​positive, light and cheerfulness – then the finale will surely surprise you with something pleasant, tasty and interesting.

Lu cha is brewed at a temperature of 85C, the tea leaves are kept for 5 seconds, gradually increase the time the tea stays in the water and monitor the result. We pay attention to bitterness and astringency, as well as to sweetness and subtlety, and, focusing on these characteristics, we vary with the tea brewing time and water temperature.

On average, we brew Lu cha 5-6 times.

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