Features of sheng pu erh tea

SHEN Pu erh was made in ancient China several centuries ago. It was the only variety of puerh. Of course, the tea was different: pressed in different ways, at different ages, but the production technology remained the same.

Taste and technology of sheng pu-erh

This is probably the only type of tea in which its healing and taste qualities improve with age. During storage, raw pu-erh continues to ferment, as a result, various valuable substances are released, while tannin and caffeine, on the contrary, disappear. In addition, the taste becomes more pleasant and milder, while it is sharper in young Shen Puerh. With age, the shade of taste can change from fruity, herbal to woody. At the same time, a slight bitterness can be felt, especially if we are talking about young varieties. But there are definitely no smells of rot and mold. Over the years, the color of the drink becomes more saturated, but it should not be cloudy, but on the contrary, regardless of age, it should be transparent.

Technology of brewing sheng pu erh

  1. When brewing, you should use clean and soft water at the rate of a teaspoon of brew per 150 ml.
  2. If the pu-erh is in a pressed form, it is recommended not to break it, but to peel it off with a special knife for pu-erh colic or an ordinary kitchen knife.
  3. Then the separated piece is placed in a warmed gaiwan, tipod, French press or teapot and the tea is washed. This can be done in a few seconds with hot water or in a few minutes with cold water.
  4. The temperature of the water for brewing should be heated to 80-100C. It should be noted that the older the puerh, the hotter the water should be. The first brew should last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Everyone decides this to their own taste. With each brewing, the brewing time increases.

However, advice on how to properly brew pu-erh is a thankless task. After all, each batch is different from the other, just like the flavors that are brewed. However, you can use a certain template first.

A quality product can withstand several channels. At the same time, the taste first develops gradually, and then gradually weakens. If the taste disappears suddenly, then perhaps the tea is saturated with any artificial additives.

It is worth noting that it is shen pu erh that has the maximum ability to cleanse the human body of accumulated impurities. However, this is a rather lengthy process that can take months. It is quite simple to drink it and observe the gradual improvement of well-being.