Origin: Yunnan Province, Menghai County, Mainland China.

Manufacturer: Kanhai, Gelanghe, Donghai Gelang tea factory.

Date of manufacture: 04/08/2018.

Standard: GB/T 22111

Quality Certificate: QS5328 1401 1888

Net weight: 250 grams



Shen pu-erh “Yuncha Ren” is referred to as medium-aged sheng. This fine sheng specimen was collected in Menghai County in Yunnan Province. The tea has a pleasant smell, fragrant and rich, with notes of dried fruits and the aroma of flowering fruit trees. This sheng is intended for lovers of light pu-erh, its pleasant taste with a slight sourness will be appreciated by tea lovers who prefer shen pu-erh and who have experience in drinking these teas.

The taste of this sheng is typical for medium-aged sheng, rich, dense, has a slight sourness and a rich, pleasant and rather long aftertaste.

The aroma of Yuncha Ren sheng is deep, bright, pleasant, reminiscent of the smell of dried fruits.

Tea infusion of yellow, light amber color, reminiscent of the color of solidified honey from sweet clover or herbs.

Shen “Yuncha Ren” has a bright and pleasant tonic effect, this pleasant shen will appeal to connoisseurs of light pu-erh. Acquaintance with pu-erhs can be started with both sheng and shu. If you have never drunk pu-erh before and want to try this tea, be guided by your own tastes – if you like green tea, with its characteristic aroma and taste, more than dark fermented teas, you should start your journey into the world of pu-erh with this drink.

Brew this tea carefully. Rinse it with water at a temperature of 80 degrees, brew it in spills, keeping the tea in contact with hot water for a minimum. Delay the exposure time by 5-10 seconds after each subsequent brewing, starting from the very first one.

We wish you bright sensations from shen pu-erh “Yuncha Ren”!

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