Manufacturer: Yunnan Yunxian National eco-tea Industry Co., LTD.

Net weight: 100 g

Type: sheng pu-erh (young, green pu-erh)



Pleasant, delicate and fragrant shen pu-erh of high quality, with notes of dried fruits in taste. This tea is suitable for everyone who wants to buy high quality net pu-erh at an affordable price, as well as for shen lovers who want to try a new and interesting sheng pu-erh. Raw materials of excellent quality, which makes it like the best sheng pu-erhs in our range. Be sure to try this one!

The aroma of this pu-erh is gentle, but at the same time pleasant and rich. It resembles the aroma of branches of flowering fruit trees with a hint of dried fruit.

The taste of this pu-erh is pleasant, slightly tart, with a slight sourness.

The tea effect of this pu-erh is quite good tonic, invigorating.

It is worth brewing this tea carefully, with prepared water at a temperature of about 80 … 85 degrees. Rinse the tea by pouring hot water over it and draining it immediately, and brew the tea with minimal exposure intervals. Hold the tea in contact with the water starting from about 10 seconds, increasing the duration of the interval by about 5 seconds each time.

We wish you bright tea sensations with shen pu-erh “Dragon’s Youth”!

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