Pu’erh Resin Cha Gao




“Cha Gao” represents a unique and rare product in the world of tea – the resin of pu-erh. This exclusive product is created by concentrating and crystallizing the best pu-erh teas. “Cha Gao” possesses an intense, deep flavor and aroma, combining classic earthy notes of pu-erh with more complex shades, including nuances of dried fruits, leather, and wood.

Traditionally, “Cha Gao” was used in ancient China as a valuable medicinal remedy due to its powerful antioxidant properties and its ability to aid digestion and lower cholesterol levels. Today, it is valued as a luxurious delicacy among tea connoisseurs.

“Cha Gao” can be brewed in various ways, depending on personal preferences. A small amount of resin can be added directly to a cup of hot water or brewed in a more traditional way in a teapot. The water temperature should be around 95°C (203°F), and the brewing time should be between 3 to 5 minutes. This allows the rich flavor and aroma of “Cha Gao” to be fully revealed.

“Cha Gao” is not just tea; it’s a true art, combining tradition, history, and a


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