Original name: Phoenix Raw Tuo Cha

Factory: Nan Jian Tulin, Yunnan Tulin Tea., Ltd

Brand, series: Tulin, Phoenix tea

Type: sheng pu-erh (raw, uncooked, green pu-erh)

Year of pressing: 2011




Shen Pu-erh “Two Phoenixes” is an excellent combination of mild taste and long-lasting stimulating effect. A good simple shen pu-erh with an ideal price-quality ratio is exactly the option that will invigorate you and delight you with a positive mood every morning. Tea is quite simply brewed, and with its strong tart taste it helps to start any business, even one that you have not been able to decide on for a long time.

And again, the Nanjian factory pleases with its product – raw young and daring shen pu-erh is not in vain called “Two Phoenixes”. All Phoenixes inspire – and not only inveterate tea drinkers, but also beginners in tea drinking. And this unprepared pu-erh is good to drink before a responsible one, requiring activity and a high concentration of strength during the day. Or before a fun night.

The aroma of Shen Pu-erh “Two Phoenixes” collected in the mountains of Wu Liang resembles a mixture of delicious spring smoke, flowers, dried fruits and something else subtly familiar, close, awakening pleasant sensations. The taste of this raw pu-erh is typical for shengs: tart, floral-fruity, intense, deep, changing in its shades from brew to brew, but at the same time retaining one clear note, a red thread passing through all the brews. The aftertaste is light, sweet, very soft, clean. The color of the infusion is yellowish-green, at first transparent, like a tear, but with further brewing, the solution becomes somewhat cloudy.

Brew this tea carefully, control the water temperature (maximum 95 degrees, but better within 90, especially for the second, third and fourth brews) and the exposure time of the brew in the solution (do not overexpose the tea, it is better to drain the water a little earlier than a little later).

Drink Phoenix Shen Pu-erh – and high Qi, which is characteristic of mountain teas, and for many shen pu-erhs, will make itself felt even during the tea drinking itself. Lightness begins to spread from the center of the abdomen, the head becomes clean and fresh, and the body and mind are ready for a rich program. And if, after drinking tea, you walk, or ride a bicycle, run after a bus, or simply flutter out of the house and fly to the car like a Phoenix bird, the effect will rise to a qualitatively new level. An active thirst for productive activity will wake up, a cheerful positive will help you easily overcome all the traps on the way without a fight, including the emotional ones set by our loved ones, colleagues, and random passers-by.

An ideal tea for a positive morning tea drinking, suitable for daily use, preferably in the morning. Phoenix shen pu-erh is especially good in the wee hours and early morning, because it is able to energize at least until the middle of the day.

Buy shen pu-erh and start every morning with joy. Drink raw pu-erh “Two Phoenixes” and decide for yourself how good this morning is!

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