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Manufactured: 2014.06.09

Quality certificate: QS5329 1401 0004


Manufacturer: Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha Co., LTD.

Origin: China, Yunnan Province, Xiaguan.

Net weight: 100 g



High-quality sheng pu-erh “To cha Xiaguan”, created in the heart of the Chinese tea industry, in Yunnan province. Delicious shen pu-erh has a delicate smell with hints of fruit tree twigs and the smell of dried apricots. Its natural taste should be emphasized by proper brewing, without unnecessary exposure of tea when brewing in prolonged contact with hot water. This sheng is well suited for lovers of high-quality fragrant and tonic sheng pu-erh.

Alternative name: “Dancing Heron”.

A pleasant delicate fruity aroma with a touch of dried apricots and dried fruits will give you a lot of positive emotions. Fragrant and delicate sheng, ideal for tea drinking during a work or weekend.

Type: sheng pu-erh (naturally fermented organic product);  weight loss tea.

The taste of this pu-erh is pure, intense, saturated, typical for high-quality sheng pu-erh aged 5-10 years. When brewing, the taste is revealed at the third-fourth-fifth brewing and keeps 4-6 more brewings at a fairly high level.

The smell is pleasant, rich, delicate, with a delicate aroma of dried apricot and fruit, clean, revealing with each brewing.

This tea should be brewed with high-quality prepared water, the temperature of which is about 90-95 degrees. Rinse the tea before the first brewing without fail. Brew the first few times in spills, eventually increasing the time of contact of tea with hot water by 5 … 10 seconds.

Enjoy high-quality Chinese shen pu-erh “To cha Xiaguan”!

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