Type: non-fermented buds.

Name: puerh buds.

Alternative Title: Lu Ya Bao.

Origin: Yunnan.



Pu-erh buds are the youngest, freshest part of the tea tree, in which all biologically active substances are concentrated, allowing the tea leaf to grow and develop. Therefore, fresh young kidneys are very valuable in terms of their chemical composition.
But the infusion of pu-erh buds itself has a number of pleasant features for connoisseurs of shades and halftones.

Pu-erh buds make a wonderful, fresh, very thin drink with a number of valuable and useful properties. Pu-erh bud infusion cannot be called tea in the traditional sense of tea itself. If a perfect and complete tea is made from a tea leaf, young or older, then the infusion of puer buds is a drink that reveals the essence of tea origins, the tea itself, even before it has reached a degree of maturity that allows one to apply to its preparation, or other recipe.

The color of the infusion is very light, almost transparent, reminiscent of the color of the unfermented white pu-erh buds themselves. From brewing to brewing, tea acquires a light golden hue.

The aroma is subtle, nutty, with a slight sourness, which is revealed brighter in the taste of tea when it is brewed.

When properly brewed, the infusion of pu-erh buds tastes very light, thin, with sourness in the aftertaste.

Tea gives freshness, saturates the body with vitamins and antioxidants, according to information available in Chinese literature, deactivates and removes a lot of harmful substances from the body, ranging from free radicals to radioactive isotopes of strontium deposited in the skeletal system. The tea effect of pu-erh buds can be felt when concentrating on drinking tea: then freshness, lightness and calmness come, clarity appears in the head and fatigue leaves the body.

Pu-erh buds are a great option for everyone who cares not only about the state of mind, but also about well-being, a healthy body.

I recommend brewing pu-erh buds in gaiwan, or in other porcelain or glassware. A clay teapot will absorb the delicate taste and aroma of the infusion.
There are several ways to brew pu-erh buds: for those who want to feel their taste, brewing with water at a temperature of 95C is suitable, for 30 seconds – the first brewing, subsequent ones (up to 3 in total) are brewed from one to three minutes.

For patient and sophisticated tea lovers, the following method is suitable, more traditional, known for brewing white and lightly fermented green teas. The water temperature is 75-80C, the brewing time is from 15 seconds and we drink tea until the sourness remains in the aftertaste – 4-5 brews.

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