Type: sheng pu-erh (raw, uncooked)

Name: Tea leaf blooming under a full moon

Alternative name: Moon

Year of manufacture: pressed in 2012

Manufacturing company: Yunnan factory

Net weight: 357 grams



Shen pu-erh “Moon” is unprepared tea (which has not undergone the process of artificial fermentation), very little aging, since more than 50% of the tea leaves remained white. In addition to the classic effects characteristic of unprepared pu-erh (rather pronounced stimulation that requires dynamic, vigorous activity during the day, increased concentration of attention), the Moon also has a positive effect on metabolism. Like all high-quality, relatively aged shengs.

Soft and gentle shen pu-erh Luna is good in many ways.

Approximately 70% of the pancake is occupied by white fleecy tips tea leaves, the rest is complemented by medium fermented 2 and 3 leaves.

Its organoleptic properties correspond to the highest class of pu-erh: rich taste, there is not even a hint of astringency, there is a very bright and pleasant sweet aftertaste with fruity notes, indicating the absence of not only artificial fermentation, but also worthy storage conditions that prevented sheng from actively fermenting in during the last years. Try this sheng, and for daily morning tea drinking, and just for a collection of tea flavors, it is ideal.

There is a hint of dried fruit and haze in the smell – the shades change each other from tea leaves to tea leaves. The solution itself is transparent like a tear, and when properly brewed, it can withstand up to 8-10 brews, until the Moon gives up all its taste to the last sip and a pronounced astringent effect, saying that enough has already been drunk from this tea. Brew the Moon properly and don’t feel tired at least until sunset.

Pu-erh effect: a good morning awakening pu-erh requires dynamics, if not physical, but intellectual. Also great for evening tea parties and pleasant conversation, the conversation flows easily and naturally. But the main thing is to brew correctly and not spoil the taste with excessive exposure time (staying the tea leaves in water), or temperature. Buy this pu-erh and finally find out what a truly good morning and good evening are!

We brew the Moon at a temperature of 85-90 C, wash the Moon with the first brew, enjoy the second, insist the first 3 no more than a minute, then rely on your taste and make the Moon tasty for you.

But if you are not a gourmet, and have not yet had time to feel the charm of pu-erh tastes and smells, or have not fully understood the effects that pu-erh has on the body, this does not mean that you should not buy this tea.

How long will it take you to drink this 357 gram pancake? Buy and check – it will last for a long time.

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