Green tea “Gao Shan Lü”




Green tea “Gao Shan Lü” is a premium variety of green tea grown on the high mountain plantations of China. This unique type of green tea is distinguished by its rich aroma and deep, full-bodied flavor, thanks to the unique microclimate of the high mountains.

The leaves of “Gao Shan Lü” are large and whole, with a light sheen and a light green color. The brewed tea has a clear golden-green color with a bright, but not sharp, aroma that combines notes of fresh grass, flowers, and a light fruity undertone.

The taste of “Gao Shan Lü” tea is incredibly rich and fresh, with a pleasant sweetness and a slight bitterness on the tip of the tongue, which quickly disappears, leaving a long aftertaste. This variety of tea is perfect for those who appreciate complexity and depth in the flavor of green tea.

“Gao Shan Lü” is recommended to be brewed at a water temperature of about 75-80°C (167-176°F) to properly reveal all its flavor nuances. This tea is an excellent choice for morning tea drinking or for a peaceful rest in the afternoon.


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