Origin: China, Jiangsu Province, Dongting Mountains.

Type: Chinese green teas.

Title: “PI LO CHUN” (“Emerald Spirals of Spring”)



Tea “Pi Lo Chun” (“Bi Lo Chun”, “Bilochun”) is known all over the world. Its name translates as “Emerald Spirals of Spring”. In China itself, it is often called “Dongting Biluochun”, where Dongting is the name of the mountains in which this tea is harvested, and Biluochun is the name of the variety of the tea itself. This green tea is harvested at the end of April, and the collection is made in the early morning, and only the upper leaves and tender, barely opened buds are collected from the tea bushes. “Emerald Spirals of Spring” is worth a try for all lovers of green teas.

Tea “Pi Lo Chun” increases the physical activity of the person who drinks it, it stimulates mental activity, invigorates well, and it can be perfectly drunk in the morning and afternoon. In the heat, “Bilochun” perfectly quenches thirst.

Appearance: beautiful green tea leaves, sometimes covered with delicate white hairs, rolled into easily recognizable “spirals” characteristic of this tea variety. Green tea “Emerald Spirals of Spring” normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and stimulates digestive processes.

The color of the infusion: an elegant, delicate shade of yellow, with a slight emerald tint.

Taste of tea: very pleasant, sometimes slightly tart, characteristic of quality Chinese green teas.

Aroma: fresh tea – promising, amazing aroma of green tea, slightly spicy, full-bodied;  infusion – characteristic of high-quality green tea, pleasant, without impurities.

Legends connect the creation of this tea with the name of Emperor Kangxi of the Manchu Qing Dynasty. This emperor traveled around his country and came to Lake Taihu. The locals gave him a local tea, the name of which was translated as “Frightening aroma” due to the fact that the tea had a very strong smell. The emperor liked the tea, and he ordered it to be renamed “Emerald Spirals of Spring”.

Quality Chinese green teas should be brewed as follows: take for one tea party, in order to drink tea in the company of one to three people, from three to five grams of tea. Rinse the tea before brewing, and do this process in a gaiwan or teapot. Brew green tea “Emerald Spirals of Spring” in straits, and in no case do not overexpose the tea in contact with water.

We wish you vivid impressions of tea drinking with Chinese green tea “Pi Lo Chun” of the highest grade!

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