Kettle “Yixing Beauty”


Material: yixing clay
Teapot volume: 150 ml
Product weight: 176 grams
Circulation: single copy
Master: Feng Liu



A wonderful teapot with a volume of 150 ml., From the vaunted city of Yixing. The spout is straight and even, the lid fits snugly. The water lock works properly and easily, the geometry of the teapot is unique and inimitable. By purchasing a teapot “Isinskaya Beauty”, you will immediately make friends with him.
Yixing teapot with a volume of 150 milliliters is ideal for making tea for 4-5 people so that each of the participants in the tea party can taste the taste of each of the prepared tea leaves. In addition, due to the unique properties of Yixing clay, tea will be filled with sophistication and originality.
When brewing tea in a real Yixing clay teapot, remember that the clay is perfectly saturated with all the flavor characteristics of the tea brewed in it. Therefore, experienced tea connoisseurs realize the fetish for themselves to brew only one type of tea in one teapot. Teapot “Ixing Beauty”, available in a single copy, which is looking forward to its only master.

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