Origin: China, Jiangsu Province, Dongting Mountains.

Type: Chinese green teas.

Title: “Spears of Kudin”.



Ku Ding Spears is a smoked tea that is made according to ancient Chinese technology. The tea leaves are hand rolled into a spear shape. Herbal infusion has a light green color and has a bitter taste.

The unique Chinese drink Kudin is made from the leaves of the broad-leaved holly according to ancient technology. Kudin is very useful because it has a whole range of useful properties: anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, diuretic, antiseptic. In addition, it normalizes blood sugar levels, cleanses the body of toxins and normalizes digestion, enhances the functioning of organs, which contributes to the rapid breakdown of cholesterol and fats, helps with colds, lowers blood pressure, is used to prevent tumors, contains powerful antioxidants. Kudin spears can be brewed on their own or added to other teas. Kudin is especially tasty in combination with pu-erh.

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