Type: white, elite, non-fermented tea.

Name: Bai Ya



One of China’s many tea treasures, Bai Ya white tea is distinguished by its gentleness and subtlety. They deserve to be enjoyed by only a select few, because only those who can afford their sophistication will be able to appreciate these leaf wines! By themselves, white teas reveal little when interacting with different people – there is no better way than to experience them firsthand to see what they hide in themselves, without any prejudices or expectations.

We can say that this is blue-blooded tea. The uniqueness of its preparation lies in the fact that it requires so much work, although we never subject our precious leaves to any processing!


The aroma of this tea is as subtle and refined as that of a fruit tree with its dry leaves. When brewed, it acquires new aromas from herbs growing next to fruit trees – notes of birch are especially evident when Bai Ya brews his special blend, each time choosing which note will be revealed to us today! The taste is as ambiguous as Bai Ya himself, of course , it is very thin. If you do not exactly repeat all the nuances of the previous tea drinking, this will first of all be reflected in the taste.

It has a wide range of tea action.

White tea is a powerful drink that can change your mood according to your own condition. If you feel tired or out of sorts, white tea will warm you with inner warmth and will certainly give you happiness! In addition, the taste of these teas depends on how they were prepared before; whether it was a regular work day (state) or a celebration with friends (mood). For example, if I’ve been working hard all week, drinking some Bai Ya will give me energy and a joyful laugh in my mouth, mostly thanks, partly because there’s no better way than a last burst under stressful conditions.

How to brew bai ya

Use your favorite teapot for it, but make sure it doesn’t contain any extra dark oolong or pu-erh flavors, in which case it’s better to use porcelain gaiwan. We need 6-8 grams of silver needles, water temperature 75-78C. We recommend drinking Bai Ya slowly and making it as your heart desires. Holds up to 8-10 brews.

Additional information

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