Anxi Bai Cha


Anxi Bai Cha is a rather rare and exclusive type of white tea from Anxi. This tea has a pleasant refreshing taste with shades of citrus, and a pleasant sweet aftertaste. It is created from the tenderest young buds of the earliest tea harvest, which is carried out in early spring, which is why its leaves have a delicate shade of green. Anxi Bai Cha is brewed with an infusion of a very original light-salad color and a pleasant aroma. This tea also has curative and preventive properties useful for human health.



Anxi Bai Cha is also valued in Chinese culture for the fact that its leaves have a color reminiscent of the shade of noble jade. It should be stored in the iron jar in which it is sold, away from products and things with a strong smell, because white tea absorbs extraneous odors especially quickly. Anxi Bai Chai contains substances that are mild antidepressants, helps to cope with the effects of stress, and improves immunity.

Type: white Chinese tea.

Original name: Anji Baicha, or Anxi Bai Cha.

White tea from Annecy county.

Origin: Zhejiang Province, Anji (Anxi) County, China.

Year of collection: 2022.

Brew this tea through channels in a gaiwan or teapot, using water at a temperature of about 80 degrees. Put the tea in a vessel for brewing, for one tea party you will need about 3 g of tea, depending on the number of participants in the ceremony. Then rinse the tea by pouring water over it and draining it. Add water to the gaiwan about one-third full of the vessel, let it stay in contact with the tea for about 15 seconds to open the tea. Then add water to the gaiwan until the volume reaches 2/3 of the gaiwan.

Cover the gaiwan loosely, leaving a gap for oxygen to enter, let the tea and water come into contact for about 10 seconds, and drain the tea. At the next exposure, simply pour water into the gaiwan, 2/3 of its volume, and let it stand in contact with the tea for about 15 seconds, at the next brewing time, increase the contact time between water and tea by another 5…10 seconds. Tea lasts about 8 brews at the peak of its taste and aroma.

We wish you a pleasant immersion in the world of white teas with the unusual Anxi Bai Cha tea!


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