Type: white teas

Title: Show Mei (ShouMeiWhiteTea)

Origin: Mainland China, Fujian Province, tea is harvested at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level in the Hulin Country, in the vicinity of Panxi Town and Fuding City.



The raw materials for the preparation of the white tea we offer are collected from the tea bushes of the Xiao Bai variety. The grade of this tea is lower than that of the famous representatives of white teas, but Shou Mei is much cheaper and is an excellent example of white tea, suitable for acquaintance with this drink and for daily tea drinking. Show mei has all the beneficial properties of white teas, it strengthens the immune system and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Shou Mei’s white tea leaves have not been subjected to the processing typical for making green or red teas, they have not been dried in special ovens or woks and have not been subjected to heat treatment. Instead, leaves harvested from Xiao Bai tea bushes were dried in the sun. Thus, unlike green teas, Shou Mei has fully retained its antioxidant properties and remains a healthy product that helps to get rid of excess weight and is intended for the prevention of many diseases.

Here are the main beneficial properties of Shou Mei white tea:

  1. Helps slow down aging
  2. Normalizes blood pressure (especially well lowers high)
  3. Lowers blood cholesterol levels
  4. Positively affects the work of the heart
  5. Strengthens bones
  6. Has antibacterial and antiviral properties
  7. Helps improve gum and bone health
  8. Improves skin condition

The appearance of this tea differs from most white and green teas – Shou Mei tea leaves, dried in the sun, have a brown tint, they are large, not crumpled, with some petioles plucked along with the leaves, giving the tea a delicate and persistent pleasant aroma.

Aromatic, pleasant, with hints of herbs and a smell characteristic of white teas, balanced.

The taste is slightly sweet, characteristic of white teas, delicate, pleasant, reminiscent of the taste of high-quality red teas, with a slight hint of greenery and delicate notes of walnut.

The tea infusion is transparent, with a beautiful shade of yellow, reaching light brown with increasing amount of tea leaves.

The tea action is tonic, while at the same time slightly calming the nervous system, giving strength to the ability to concentrate on the activity that interests you.

This tea should be brewed with soft fresh water that has not reached a boil, the ideal temperature is a maximum of 85-90 degrees. Keep the tea in contact with hot water for 5..7 seconds, increasing the contact time of water with the tea leaves in the gaiwan by 5…7 seconds with each brew.

We wish you a pleasant tea experience with Shou Mei’s fresh white tea!

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