Type: red (black) tea

Original name: Dian Hong

Origin: Yunnan



Dian Hong can be called a classic of red teas, so we recommend that you start your acquaintance with this amazing variety with Dian Hong. Fragrant, rich in multifaceted taste, with a noticeable relaxing effect, magnificent Dian Hong red tea.

According to the structure of dry tea leaves, light tips are visible among homogeneous dark leaves, approximately 15-20% of the total mass. Even when dry, inhaling the smell, one can assume that the tea has a sufficient strength, which can be assessed by the density of the aroma.

The aroma is rich, with pronounced notes of dark chocolate, a slight hint of expensive tobacco and a honey note that opens during the brewing process, which sounds until the very end of tea drinking.

Dian Hong has a strong infusion, but not in relation to the color of the tea itself when brewed. The color changes from transparent golden to cognac with a sheen of copper.

Dian Hong is the tea that, after a pleasant spicy astringency, will turn into sweetness on your lips.

Dian Hong is truly an evening red tea, which is especially pleasant to drink in the cold season. After drinking Dian Hong tea, it will be difficult for you to force yourself to function smoothly. Better on the contrary, after a working day, reward yourself with a warming, soft and soothing Chinese red tea, and we guarantee you will feel real bliss.

But in order to really feel the bliss, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for brewing red teas. Water should not exceed 84-86 C. Preheat the dishes, then pour tea into a gaiwan or teapot. We hold the first tea leaves no more than 15 seconds. The second is no more than 30 seconds. Increase each subsequent brewing by 10-15 seconds. If you want to get more saturation, hold longer, but along with the saturation, the tea will be filled with astringency. Holds up to 5-6 brews stably. We wish you fabulous warm, tea evenings.

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