Type: red, fruit flavored tea.

Name: Lee Ji Hoon Cha



A unique, exotic representative of red teas. With a bright, sweet aftertaste. Due to fermentation together with the fruits of the Chinese plum Li ji, this type of tea cannot be overlooked by lovers of sweets. A tea that is an alternative to sugar and other sweeteners, unlike which it has a lot of useful properties inherent in the Li ji fruit itself.

Lee Ji Hoon Cha is an unusual red tea with an exotic aroma. It is processed with li ji fruits, due to which it acquires a spicy fruity hue, and a gentle long-playing sweetness in the aftertaste. Thanks to nicotinic acid, which is contained in the fruits of li zhi, the risk of developing atherosclerosis is reduced. In addition, this tea improves digestion, strengthens capillaries, regulates fat metabolism, and is also effective for removing alcohol intoxication.

In the aroma of this variety, the fruity-honey scale is the key, while notes of raspberry and currant are clearly felt.

As for taste, the first thing worth mentioning is that the taste of tea is sweet, with a slight hint of wild berries, especially the rumor, but not the one we are used to, with a more transparent astringency, in general, it resembles a mix of wild berries and fruits. The sweetest first brew and the last.

Infusion: clear, red-copper, but with a distinct transparency.

Tea effect: expressed in the evening, just the thought of the upcoming sweet tea party, already gives a feeling of joy from a distant childhood. Leaving out the enjoyment of the delicate original taste, Li ji warms and gives a pleasant relaxation throughout the body, you can pay attention to your position before and after, guaranteed after drinking tea your body will need to lean on something, and this is at best, otherwise and completely spread out on the floor.

Recommendations for brewing Li ji: try to observe the tea ceremony as much as possible, adhering to the water temperature of 85C-90C. We hold the first one for up to 5 seconds, increase the subsequent brewing gradually, but let the tea brew for no more than 25 seconds.

We wish you taste pleasures and magical tea parties.

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