Type: red (black), strong fermentation, tips, elite tea

Original Name: Jin Jun Mei or Jin Jun Mei

Alternative name: Golden Eyebrows

Origin: Fujian Province



Dazzle yourself with a new level of tea sensations, golden eyebrows elite red tea is an endless variety of tastes, aromas and soft, but very deep relaxation. A tea that is worth tasting at least once in a lifetime. All tea consists of completely light, golden tips. This tea is truly a work of art!

Let’s focus on the fact that elite tea golden eyebrows is the highest quality point of red teas. Each tip is covered to the touch with a fine, dust-like pile. When pouring tea from cha he into a teapot or gaiwan in the sun, you can observe a golden haze in the air. We can say that golden eyebrows thus give a greeting.

The aroma in dry form is mesmerizing, the first breath envelops the velvet of dried fruits, warming the tea with breath, the second breath comes, which shows the depth of golden eyebrows, tart-sweet notes of dark chocolate. Describing tea in a brewed form, it is worth each tea leaves separately, it is better to give yourself this pleasure yourself.

The color of the infusion in each bowl is different, of course, a lot depends on the method of brewing, but it seems that this tea can change shades even depending on the mood.

Taste sensations bring to bliss. Elite tea is distinguished primarily by an extra long aftertaste. Each sip is a new wave of sensations. The taste is rich, dense, bright, harmonious, memorable from the first time.

Elite Jin Jun Mei is a tea that breaks the temporal space and gives a feeling of every moment. Tea with which it is good to fly into the depths of your soul. By the middle of tea drinking, satisfaction comes, the world around becomes kinder. In fact, elite tea golden eyebrows is a harmonious meditation. Even if you have no idea what meditation is, dedicate an evening of tea drinking with the perfection of red teas with golden eyebrows from Fujian, and you will feel everything for yourself.

Elite teas of the highest category are especially picky about brewing. These are the teas that each brewing will be brewed differently, since it is almost impossible to repeat the procedure identically. We recommend that you pay attention to the quality of water first and foremost, and secondly to the temperature, which should not exceed 82 °C. Do not rush to infuse tea, this is the case when a five-second touch of water will open a fountain of flavors and aromas. Golden eyebrows are brewed for a very long time and their aftertaste is long-lasting, the ceremony should take place slowly, calmly so that the participants have time to enjoy every moment.

Elite tea golden eyebrows is brewed up to 12 times. If you have chosen this tea, you have definitely come closer to space.

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