Red Tea Red Snail, 100g




Red Tea “Red Snail” is a unique variety of Chinese red tea, distinguished by its special appearance and taste qualities. This tea is also known as “Hong Shao Long Zhu” in China.

“Red Snail” is mainly produced in the mountainous regions of China. The distinct feature of this tea is its appearance: the leaves are tightly curled into spirals resembling snails, which is where its name comes from. This rolling method helps to preserve the tea’s aroma and flavor for a long time.

The flavor of “Red Snail” is rich and layered. It possesses sweet notes of dried fruits, honey, and a slight earthy undertone. The aroma of the tea is warm and refined, with hints of caramel and floral nuances.

For brewing “Red Snail,” it is recommended to use water at a temperature of about 90-95 degrees Celsius. The brewing time is approximately 3-5 minutes. The tea is excellent both in its pure form and combined with light snacks or sweets.

“Red Snail” is a tea that suits both special occasions and daily consumption, offering a deep and rich taste experience.


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