Type: Lightly fermented red oolong, or “weak fire” oolong.

Origin: Mainland China, Guangdong Province.

Original Name: “Tang Tsong Cha”, sometimes also “Mi Lan Xiang Dan Tsung”.



Red Oolong “Tang Tsong Cha” is a fine example of Chinese Red Oolong from Guangdong Province. Despite the fact that this oolong is red and has a bright aroma, it is a lightly fermented oolong with a pronounced, but also mild and delicate taste. The leaves of this tea are rolled lengthwise, they are black-green in color. The leaves open during the brewing process, the edges of the brewed leaves have pronounced traces of fermentation. The taste and aroma of Tan Tsong Cha Oolong amaze with its richness, delicacy and softness.

Red oolong “Tang Tsong Cha” is a classic representative of Guangdong rock oolongs, which belongs to the type of teas “Dan Tsun”, which have a delicate and pleasant aroma of honey orchid. These red oolongs are lightly fermented, soft and at the same time tender, light. Red oolong “Tang Tsong Cha” has a wonderful honey sweetness and a very pleasant and delicate aroma.

Appearance: the tea leaves of this tea are twisted longitudinally, looking at them, you can see that the leaves have a black-green tint, and when brewed they turn brown. When the leaves open during the brewing process, you can see that they are practically devoid of petioles, and the infusion is obtained only from tender and thin leaves.

Aroma: Incredibly rich, quite complex, pleasant, full-bodied aroma of honey orchid. This tea has a delicate, but at the same time rich aroma. This tea does not have such a pronounced “roasted” flavor as the red oolong “Big Red Robe”.

Taste: very pleasant, not too rich, with a light, barely perceptible sourness.

Infusion color: light yellow, sometimes from honey to light amber, very pleasant.

The tea action of this red oolong tea is more of a leveling rather than a strictly soothing or tonic effect. This tea can be drunk in the middle of the working day or in the evening, it does not disturb sleep and does not cause a person who is fully active to become drowsy after drinking tea in the middle of the working day. With the pronounced calming effect of Tie Guanyin Oolong, the tea effect of this tea cannot be compared.

Brew this red oolong tea carefully, do not overexpose this tea in contact with hot water. Use clean water with a temperature of approximately 80-90 degrees. Brew about 5 grams of tea in exposures, starting with about 5 seconds of water and tea contact, and with each new infusion, add 5 seconds to the tea and water contact time.

We wish you pleasant and vivid impressions of tea drinking with red oolong “Tang Tsong Cha”!

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