Type: red fermented oolong

Title: Da Hong Pao

Alternative name: Big Red Robe

Origin: Wuyi Mountains, northern Fujian



Big Red Robe is inherently tasty, with a rich, rich bouquet of aroma and taste, as well as an interesting and intense effect of tea intoxication, Chinese red tea. And only after all of the above, the Big Red Robe is a world famous tea. Da Hong Pao, which has been prepared for centuries according to the same recipe from the best tea leaves that the Wuyi Mountains in the north of the Chinese province of Fujian can provide.

Da Hong Pao really pleases with its high quality, which is very clearly reflected in the taste, smell, color of the tea infusion, and the duration of the tea action. With this tea, you can delight guests with a wonderful rich aroma and taste for many brews. Watch how the state of the people around you changes, and the whole universe inside you in the process of drinking tea. With this Da Hong Pao, such an activity will be an exciting journey into the world of tastes, smells and sensations.

The color of the infusion is cognac, gradually revealing in density and density, red-copper tint. With each brew, the color changes and becomes deeper, warmer, thicker.

The aroma is rich, saturated with honey and tobacco notes, with a slight shade of autumn foliage and chocolate, intense, saturated, bright both when you get acquainted with dry tea, and when it opens during the brewing process.

The taste of Da Hong Pao does not diverge from the aroma – the same deep, thick, rich in a perfectly combined harmonious variety. Honey sweetness is combined with roasted tobacco-autumn shades of fallen leaves, and chocolate turns into a pleasant astringency with a slight sweetness and sourness in the aftertaste. Be sure to get acquainted with this red oolong, it pleases and attracts a huge number of people every day, and this is no accident.

The tea effect of Da Hong Pao is also very interesting. On the one hand, tea perfectly warms and allows you to forget about the worries of the day, about fatigue and lethargy. On the other hand, it perfectly tones up, allows you to function productively intellectually and physically, in general, prolongs the evening in a very positive way for as long as your heart desires.

Brew Da Hong Pao with water at a temperature of 92-95C, hold the first brew for up to 5 seconds and drain, do not drink (we wash red fermented northern Fujian oolongs almost always without exception). The second brew is up to 10 seconds, the third is 15 seconds or more, until the tea gives you taste, aroma, warmth and positive energy.

On average, this Da Hong Pao can withstand up to 7-8 brews.

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