Type: red oolong, medium fermentation, rock tea

Title: Shui Xiang

Origin: northern Fujian



Traditional Fujian Red Oolong Shui Xiang with a bright, full-bodied, rich aroma and juicy taste, in which many notes sound in unison. Each of the notes is distinguishable separately and, in harmony with the others, makes a wonderful tea chord. Chocolate, autumn leaves, expensive tobacco and plums are just some of the flavors that are present in shui xiang.

Shui Xiang is a classic representative of the red oolongs collected in the Wuyi Mountains, in the north of the Chinese province of Fujian. Shui Xiang, a traditional blue-blue, dark oolong delights connoisseurs with a perfectly even harmonious combination of aroma and taste, and those who try this red oolong for the first time will fall in love with it immediately: for its brightness, for its sweetness, for its warmth and autumn in taste.

The color of the infusion is transparent, with a coffee-cognac shade, quite light in the first and last brews, and with a reddish tint of the infusion of fully opened tea.

The aroma is complex, consisting of several notes. At first, a coffee shade is felt, smoothly flowing into tobacco and berry sweetness, leaving the smell of rotten autumn leaves and a crust of bread in the end. The smell of this tea can be enjoyed, starting from the stage of opening the aroma of dry tea leaves in a heated dish, and ending with the moment of determining the intensity of the aroma of the tea leaf being drunk.

The taste, like the aroma of tea, is complex, multifaceted, with astringency and citrus sourness, the heavy freshness of an autumn evening and a bright, warm, sweet, warming aftertaste.

Shui Xiang is a great way to combine the warming properties of red tea with a gentle yet intense tonic effect. Perfect for a chilly evening filled with adventure. But in the morning and afternoon hours, despite the fact that the tea effect is not fully revealed, Shui Xiang will also perfectly invigorate the gums of all red oolong lovers.

The process of brewing Shui Xiang, as a representative of red oolongs, should be approached scrupulously: tea is brewed with water at 90-95 C, the first brew is aged for 5-10 seconds and drained. The second brewing lasts about 10-15 seconds, and then the exposure time (the tea leaf is in the water) increases from 15 seconds to one and a half minutes.

On average, this Shui Xiang can withstand up to 6 brews. Happy tea!

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