Origin: China, Yunnan province.

Manufacturer: MENGHAI Yunnan China Tea Co., Ltd.

Factory: Donghai.

Year of production: 2020

General Chinese Quality Standard: GB/T22111.

Quality certificate: SC11453282243728.

Weight: 357 g



Kunming – the highest quality shu pu-erh from the Donghai factory, will delight true connoisseurs of Chinese tea! The verified recipe 8571 is worth joining the classics and delighting your receptors with the deep and exemplary taste of real shu pu-erh.

Connoisseurs of shu pu-erh appreciate these teas for their bright rich aroma, unusual and pleasant taste, as well as for the amazing effect on the body of the drinker of this tea. This shu pu-erh takes pride of place among fragrant and delicious shu pu-erhs. He will not leave indifferent any lover of this tea.

Aroma: Unbrewed tea – pleasant, slightly spicy, with a slight earthy undertone, with hints of wood, spices and aged red wine. The aroma of tea infusion becomes brighter, acquires a nutty-woody hue, with subtle earthy notes, a hint of cinnamon, spices, a slight hint of red wine and cereals.

The taste of the tea infusion is amazing – rich, “dry”, pleasant, typical for high-quality “nut-woody” shu pu-erhs.

The color of the infusion of this tea is from dark red-brown to black, when brewed at the peak of taste and aroma, the infusion acquires an opaque color. It becomes saturated already from the second exposure and for six or seven passages it retains the highest degree of expression.

The tea effect of this tea, like the effect on the body of most Chinese teas, is quite individual. Most of those who taste this tea, feel its tonic effect, so we do not recommend for beginners to drink it in the evening. However, longtime Chinese tea drinkers, as well as some people with individual characteristics, can feel the relaxing effect of this tea, and use it as an evening drink.

Brew Kunming shu with soft clean water, not brought to a boil, at a temperature of about 95 degrees. Rinse Kunming shu before brewing by pouring hot water over it and immediately draining it into the chaban pan. Brew in exposures, keeping the tea in contact with water for about 20 seconds at the first brewing, increasing the contact time of tea with water by about 10 seconds with each subsequent exposure.

We wish you pleasant tea parties with shu pu-erh “KUNMING”!

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Weight 0,357 kg
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1/2 (175 gram), 1/4 (85 gram), Whole


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