Тип: зеленый слабоферментированный бирюзовый улун

Name: Tie Guan Yin

Origin: Anxi, south of Fujian



Tie guan yin Wang, a bright representative of turquoise oolongs of weak fermentation, known throughout the world, occupies a higher position than the classic Tie guan yin. The bright taste qualities and tangible effect of tea on consciousness and perception have attracted the love and attention of connoisseurs of quality tea to the Iron Bodhisattva for centuries.

Fresh young and perfectly prepared in terms of the classic recipe of South Fujian oolongs, this Tie guanyin will be a wonderful gift both for your beloved one and for people who want to please quality tea. Top-notch oolong, this te guanyin is beautiful from the first encounter. One glance at the bright, fresh, green and turquoise, perfectly polka-dotted leaves is enough to spark interest in the next stages of the tea action. Just look at this tea and you will want to try it.

The color of the infusion is saturated with gold and honey, with a slight light green tint. Transparent during the whole tea drinking.

Aroma: floral, field, honey, intense and harmonious, note for note.

Taste: extremely unusual for a typical “store-bought” green tea, flowery-honey, evokes associations with a blooming spring field, with a sweet aftertaste and a light, pleasant astringency that appears by the 4th brew and gradually disappears by the 6th.

Drunk tea leaves are large, even, with small breaks closer to the petiole, with traces of fermentation visible closer to the edge of the leaf.

Tea has a relaxing, evening effect. Helping you switch from work to leisure mode, let go of unnecessary thoughts and allow yourself to smile carefree while lying on the couch or meditating at the shepherd’s is an excellent targeted application of Te guanyin. Enjoying the deep, smooth taste of quality tea, practice peace and love. Although, if you start the day with Te Guanyin, you can get a very interesting and productive result.

Proper brewing is very important in making te guanyin. Overdoing it with water temperature and brewing time means in this case not only depriving yourself of the opportunity to enjoy delicious, rich in shades, lightly fermented oolong, but also missing its unique, sky-high, tea essence.

Water temperature 80-85C.

Rinse – do not hold the first tea leaves, immediately drain. The second brewing up to 10 seconds, we try and enjoy a perfectly prepared by ourselves, high quality turquoise oolong tea. Starting from the third brewing, increase the time by 5 seconds. Do not forget to monitor the temperature of the water (tea brewed with water of insufficient temperature will also not differ much in taste). Fourth brew – up to 30 seconds. And then we focus on our feelings received in the process of drinking tea.
On average, Te Guan Yin is wound 8-10 times.

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