Origin: China, Fujian Province, Anxi County.

Collection time: autumn 2021.

Name: Tie Guan Yin.



Autumn Tie Guanyin is a tea that brings really vivid impressions when drinking tea. This fine tea from Anxi will give you a pleasant and long aftertaste. Its taste and aroma are not as delicate and subtle as those of spring tea. This Tie Guanyin is a real gift for lovers of turquoise oolongs.

The preference for which tea to drink – autumn or spring, is a matter of taste. You can drink both autumn and spring varieties of Tie Guanyin or buy only autumn harvest tea, which is preferred by many tea connoisseurs. If you haven’t tried spring tea yet, order yourself this wonderful Te ​​guanyin and brew it in porcelain gaiwan or chahai with soft hot water not brought to a boil.

The fermentation of this tea is somewhat higher than that of the “jade”, all-green varieties of Tie Guanyin, and yellowish and brown streaks can be easily seen among its leaves. Tea brings vivid impressions when properly brewed. It calms and relaxes.

Brew this tea with soft hot water, preferably not brought to an intense boil. The ideal temperature would be around 90-95 degrees. Put about 5 grams of tea on the bottom of the gaiwan, rinse it before brewing, and brew in spills, keeping the tea in contact with water for 15–20 seconds, increasing the contact time of tea with water by 5–10 seconds with each brewing.

Happy autumn tea parties with this pleasant and bright tea!

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