Type: Heavily fermented, dark pu-erh or shu pu-erh.

Original Name: “Nanqizi pie Yiwuzui”.

Origin: China, Yunnan Province, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture.

Pu-erh tea standard: GB/T22111.

Quality certificate: SC1145 3282 2320 0505.



Excellent black pu-erh made from high-quality raw materials is ideal for lovers of delicious shu pu-erh. In the taste of this tea, you will feel a slight bitterness and shades reminiscent of strong, high-quality red tea, but at the same time, the Armorial Shield has a classic taste and smell characteristic of black pu-erh.

The appearance of this tea is typical of shu made from quality raw materials, with both red and black veined pu-erh leaves from tea trees growing in Yunnan province. The aroma of unbrewed tea is pure, pu-erh, reminiscent of a light, slightly bitter, but pleasant smell of fermented leaves.

The aroma of brewed tea is strong, typical for high quality dark pu-erhs, intense, rich, even, with a pleasant leafy-prune shade.

The taste is typical for dark pu-erh, rich, pleasant, with an aftertaste reminiscent of strong red tea, with a slight bitterness.

The tea infusion is dark, intense, “petroleum”, opaque, with a slight reddish tint.

The tea effect is intensely invigorating from the first sips, filling the body with warmth and energy, pleasant, tonic.

This tea should be brewed according to the classic rules for brewing dark pu-erhs: carefully cut the pancake with a pu-erh knife along the layer of leaves, take about 5 grams of tea for brewing, put it in a gaiwan or teapot. Use good quality water at about 95°C, rinse the tea before steeping, and steep the pu-erh for 10-15 seconds, adding about 5-10 seconds with each steeping.

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