Shu Pu-erh Ban Zhang Bi 8g, 2017




    • Tea Type: Shu Pu-erh.
    • Name: “Ban Zhang Bi”.
    • Origin: Yunnan Province, China.


    • Form: Pressed into cakes or tablets.
    • Color: Dark brown, with visible leaves and stems.


    • Aroma Description: The tea features a rich, earthy aroma with notes of wood and a subtle floral undertone that develops upon brewing.


    • Flavor Description: Rich and deep, with hints of dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a touch of spices. The flavor becomes smoother and more rounded with each brewing.

    Brew Color

    • Infusion Color: The infusion has a rich, dark amber color, indicative of the tea’s high quality.


    • Health: Improves digestion, helps to lower cholesterol levels, and has a calming effect.
    • Taste Qualities: Ideal for connoisseurs who appreciate complexity and depth of flavor.
    • Aging: The taste and aroma of the tea can improve over time.

    Brewing Method

    1. Preparation: Use about 5 grams of tea per 150 ml of water.
    2. Water Temperature: Use water heated to approximately 95-100°C (203-212°F).
    3. First Brew: Pour hot water over the tea and leave for 20 seconds, then discard the water. This helps to “wake up” the tea leaves.
    4. Main Brewing: Pour water over the tea again and leave for 1-2 minutes.
    5. Repeated Brewing: The tea can be brewed several times, increasing the brewing time by a few seconds with each infusion.


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