How to prepare for a tea ceremony?

The tea tradition of China has been formed for centuries, so its subtleties require special attention and respect. Reverent attitude and deep immersion. The tea bag strategy doesn’t work here at all. Yes, and drinking high-quality Chinese tea in a hurry or on the go is considered bad manners. You definitely need to tune in to tea drinking, create the right atmosphere.

Как правильно начать чайную церемонию?

To truly enjoy tea, you need to try to relax, get rid of extraneous thoughts and put aside urgent worries for a while. Then slowly prepare all the necessary items for the tea ceremony. Heat water and prepare tea for pouring. After that, it is important to catch the right wave, look inside yourself.

It won’t be easy at first. Let go of your thoughts, do not desperately try to stop their turbulent flow, succumb to this noisy seething element. Do not be afraid, they will disappear during the ceremony. Each time, their flow will decrease, and it will take less and less time for them to leave.

The role of music in the tea ceremony

Music is an indispensable assistant in creating any mood. In tea rooms you can often hear specific music: quiet, soothing, unobtrusive. It is performed on traditional Chinese instruments such as Guqin, Pipa, Erhu, Guzheng, Dizi, Xiao and many others.

In the tea ceremony, each element plays its specific role, and music takes one of the first places. After all, she, like an experienced guide, takes you into the unknown world of tea, immerses you in herself. Perhaps, at first, this music will seem complex and incomprehensible, since it has a lot of high sounds, and it has a complex structure. Each instrument participating in it, each sound – everything is filled with deep meaning. You should not analyze it, just accept this help in setting up a “tea” mood.

On the Internet, you will find various collections of Chinese tea music. Choose your favorite and go! Tea, of course.

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