8 tea taboos or how not to drink tea

The miraculous properties of tea were discovered in China more than three millennia ago. This drink has been widely used and continues to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, tea helps to create a unique state of calmness, concentrated contemplation and observation of oneself and the outside world. A person who decides to join the tea world should show special attention and respect for the rules of brewing and interaction with camellia tea. There are a number of tea taboos that should not be broken. We will consider them today.

1. In ancient China, it was believed that drinking tea on an empty stomach, a person lets the cold essence of tea into the spleen and stomach. And this essence cools them. Today, many studies confirm this semi-legendary prejudice.

2. There is an opinion that you need to drink tea very hot. This habit leads to various diseases due to strong stimulation of the stomach, increased sensitivity of the gastric walls.

3. Tea does not like extremes, so cold, as well as very hot, negatively affects the body. Cooling down, tea loses its beneficial substances and contributes to the stagnation of cold and the accumulation of sputum in the body. Ideally, the tea should be warm.

4. Drinkers of strong tea, in fact, drink coffee. Coffee? Tea, like coffee, contains caffeine. Along with the sharp taste, characteristic bitterness, you also get the release of caffeine, which can lead to headaches and insomnia.

5. The longer the tea is brewed, the more the substances contained in it are oxidized, the tea loses its transparency, taste and aroma. In addition, the drink can be exposed to various fungi and bacteria, which negatively affects the body.

6. Drink tea before and after meals – a habit that threatens to reduce the sensitivity of taste buds and disrupt the absorption of proteins. It is best to introduce intervals between tea and meals at 20-40 minutes.

7. Medicines should be taken with clean water only.  By mixing medicinal substances with tea, you will get the same tannin that prevents the drugs from being properly absorbed by the body, because they precipitate due to interaction with it.

8. Drink yesterday’s tea, firstly, it is tasteless, and secondly, it is dangerous due to the appearance of microorganisms and bacteria in it, the loss of its useful qualities.

Учитывая эти простые пожелания, вы сможете повысить уровень восприятия чая, лучше прочувствовать чайное состояние и получить максимальную пользу от этого волшебного напитка.

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