Yixing clay teapot “Yixing Zisha”


Material: oily yixing clay
Teapot volume: 180 ml
Product weight: 213 grams
Circulation: single copy
Craftsman: Giade



Yixing clay is an excellent material for brewing Chinese tea, which is great for brewing any variety. The material, which is mined in the vicinity of the city of Yixing in China, does not add any extraneous shades to the natural aroma of tea. This teapot with a beautiful “fat” color tone is worth using for brewing any one variety, it is ideal for brewing oolongs, as well as pu-erh, both black and light.

Yixing clay, also called Zisha, is an excellent material for making tea utensils in which Chinese teas are brewed.

If you like to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the tea ceremony and plan to seriously immerse yourself in the world of Chinese tea drinking, you should get separate teapots for brewing each individual variety.

If you lightly tap on the walls of this product, you can hear a subtle, pleasant and melodious sound. When you finish pouring tea, the jet breaks off easily and smoothly.

This clay has a pleasant to the touch smooth texture, a properly functioning water lock. The walls of this teapot are porous, they can absorb even the most delicate aroma.

It will be a pleasure for you to earn this kettle, I use it to brew your favorite variety. Its handle is comfortable, it will be like an extension of your hand. This teapot is a convenient and pleasant tool for brewing tea.

Use the Yixing Zisha teapot to brew your favorite teas! Happy tea!

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