Yixing teapot “East Wind”


Material: oily yixing clay
Teapot volume: 190 ml
Product weight: 212 grams
Circulation: single copy
Master: Feng Liu



A teapot made of high-quality clay with a volume of 190 ml is perfect for making Chinese tea both for one participant in a tea ceremony and for 4-5 people. Remember that when you brew tea in an earthenware teapot, you earn it. Clay, due to its porosity, is perfectly saturated with the taste and aroma of teas that you brew.

This teapot has the correct geometric structure. The jet of water falling from this teapot is smooth, its water lock works, “East Wind” is suitable for brewing both pu-erh and oolong teas, green and red teas. The lid of the teapot is well lapped and fits quite snugly to the teapot itself.

For a true connoisseur of Chinese tea, it is normal to brew only one type of tea in one teapot.

Rinse it after tea drinking without the use of mechanical means, especially when cleaning the inner surface, and after a few tea drinking, the teapot will already begin to fill the tea with rich taste sensations from tea, depth and richness.

We wish you to enjoy tea drinking with a high-quality comfortable East Wind teapot!

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