Type: old aged aged 90s shu pu-erh, old tea brick

Original name: Lao Cha

Alternative name: Old tea heads

Manufacturer: China Native Products Import and Export Co. Yunnan Tea Branch

Net weight: 250 g.



Old tea heads are a special product obtained during the aging process, or fermentation of shu pu-erh. Therefore, the organoleptic properties (aroma, taste, aftertaste, color) and the specific tea effects of Lao Cha can hardly be confused with anything once you try it. Old tea heads are obtained by churning individual pieces of fermented tea into lumps, as a result of which, when the process of making pu-erh is completed, it still continues in the tea heads, adding age and characteristics to shu pu-erh. A brick with old tea heads was stored in a damp warehouse (marker – yellow print), which contributed to an even deeper and more active preparation.

Try this old tea brick – it’s not often that you get a chance to drink tea with a strong personality and great taste. The manufacturer positions Lao Cha as a tea “from the 90s”, because the long continuous fermentation process, specific storage conditions and a significant time gap between harvesting and pressing bricks make it impossible to clearly answer the question of age. But the fact that the old tea heads come from the early 90s is undoubtedly true.

This Lao Cha would have cost a much higher amount of money on the Chinese market, but in esoteric tea circles it is believed that his Qi is “damaged” as a result of storage in a damp warehouse, so this brick is inferior in price to its peers. However, in fact, Qi in tea of ​​this age and grade (the highest grade according to the manufacturer and according to the reviews of tea people) is unequivocally present, good or bad Qi cannot be – this is a single and comprehensive energy, and what about Qi from esotericists is a separate long conversation.

We brew and drink old tea heads. When dry, the brew has a rich woody aroma typical of shu pu-erh, in which, after the first brewing, a distinct date note appears, which later occupies a dominant position in the entire range of shades of the Lao Cha aroma (the woodiness is preserved and a light basement shade is added, which quickly disappears) . Let’s taste this unusual shu pu-erh. Deep, dense, thick, oily, nutty tea taste is smoothly replaced by a very pleasant sweet aftertaste. Astringency and bitterness are completely absent, the tea is easy to swallow, very pleasant to drink, and the combination of deep taste and smell is firmly fixed in the memory. The color of the infusion (or tea broth) is dark, warm, and completely opaque from the second brewing. The solution is oily, and from the second to the sixth tea leaves it seems that the tea will not overflow the edge of the bowl, even if it is turned over. Date with a nut is the most persistent and clear composition of Lao Cha To.

Drink decent shu pu-erh and get at least 6, 8, or even 10 full, rich and deep brews depending on the quality of the water, dishes and mood.

The tea state of Lao Cha gives simply amazing. There is no doubt that there is enough qi in it to make even the lousiest day good. Old tea heads give a tea person an uplift in mood, a general emotional background, pleasant activity, the ability to make positive momentary and far-sighted decisions, completely remove irritability from the mood, help to respond adequately in any life situations, awaken love for others and a desire to selflessly help with great pleasure. Try Lao Cha and you will find out what quality concentration of attention is at any time of the day and how you can first do all the unloved things and activities that are usually shelved without losing enthusiasm and continue the day in a positive way.

Unlike many other pu-erhs, both shu and shen, Lao Cha, possessing the most powerful Qi, is quite soft. It is almost impossible to get a tea “overdose” with old tea heads (although individual sensitivity and barbaric brewing can play a cruel joke), tea has no side effects, but each of those present can be devoted to a separate article. Here is an unequivocal five in all respects: communicate with people, work, walk and dance all night, or plunge into deep meditation – with Loa Cha all paths are open. Perhaps, after drinking tea with old tea heads, there is a chance to relax before falling into a deep sleep, but for this you need to be able to relax in a quality manner, and tea here is more of a tool in the hands of a master than a direct path to sound sleep.

Try good teas, expand your horizons and learn to build your state of mind from day to day.

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