Te Guan Yin Premium, Taiwan, 10g




Te Guan Yin Premium is an exquisite oolong tea originating from Taiwan. It is renowned for its elegance, sweet taste, and unparalleled aroma. This tea is cultivated in high mountain plantations in Taiwan, which contributes to its unique character. The tea leaves possess distinct floral and fruity notes, along with a gentle caramel sweetness. Te Guan Yin Premium is highly valued by tea connoisseurs for its sophistication and distinctive flavor.

Brewing: To brew Te Guan Yin Premium, use clean water at a temperature of approximately 85-90°C (185-194°F). Pour hot water over the tea leaves and allow them to steep for 2-3 minutes for the first infusion. You can steep the same leaves several times, increasing the steeping time with each subsequent infusion to explore a variety of flavor notes.

Te Guan Yin Premium is grown on high mountain plantations in Taiwan, where special care is taken in tending to the tea bushes and the production process. This tea is a remarkable representative of sophisticated oolong varieties and captivates tea enthusiasts with its multi-layered and complex flavor palette.


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