Year of production: 2013

Place of Origin: Mainland China, Yunnan Province, Bangzhang Guantingdi Village No. 5

Brand: Arbor Palace Tea III

Quality certificate: QS5328 1401 8168.

Tea standard: GB/T22111-2008



Alpine shu pu-erh from old Banzhang tea trees. This tea will delight pu-erh lovers with a harmonious balance of strength and a unique taste and aroma.

Manufactured by Arbor Palace Tea III, Yunnan, China.

Infusion color: dark, rich black-red color, after the second brewing it becomes almost opaque.

Aroma: pleasant, rich smell of nuts and dried fruits, with hints of toasted bread.

Taste: characteristic of high quality pu-erh, pleasant, soft, without hints of bitterness.

Appearance: characteristic of high quality shu pu-erh, with a large number of small light brown tea leaves.

Brewing Puerh “Dragon Scroll” is according to the rules of brewing classic shu puerh: take about 5 … 10 grams of tea for tea drinking in a company of two or three people or for a single tea drinking. Bring soft water to a temperature of about 90-95 degrees, rinse the tea before brewing, and brew it with exposures in a gaiwan or teapot. The time of contact of water and tea can be gradually increased, starting with 15 … 20 seconds of contact of water and tea in the brewing vessel.

We wish you vivid impressions from life after drinking tea with Dragon Scroll tea!

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1/2 (175 gram), 1/4 (85 gram), Whole


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