Full name: Hai Jing Ding Cha Ye You Xian Gong Xi from Menghai County, Yunnan Province.

Ingredients: Yunnan Dayezhong sun-dried green tea.

Origin: Yunnan, Menghai

Weight: 357 grams.

Date: 10/18/2013.

Product Implementation Standard: GB/T22111.

Manufacturing license number: SC11453282252794.

Manufacturer: Menghai Jinding Tea Co., Ltd.



Your attention is invited to a wonderful pu-erh with an unusual taste and invigorating, tonic, leveling effect.

The raw materials of this pancake are collected in the virgin forest from large-leaved trees growing at an altitude of more than 1600 meters. The unique climate of this area and fertile land contribute to the production of high-quality raw materials.

This tea is moderately fermented according to traditional technology, additionally refined in a high-temperature autoclave.

The aroma is clean and strong, the color of the drink is red, strong and thick taste with sweet notes in the aftertaste.

The raw material for this product is sun-dried green hair tea from large-leaved trees grown in the virgin forest of the Menghai Tea Zone in Yunnan Province. The height above sea level is more than 1600 meters. It belongs to the monsoon climate zone in the Southern Subtropical Plateau. In this area, the year is divided only into the early wet rainy season, abundant rainfall and fertile land promote the growth and accumulation of nutrients by tea trees.

This product is moderately fermented using conventional technology and refined in a high temperature autoclave. It has the characteristics of pure and strong aroma, red and bright soup, strong and thick taste, returning to sweetness and lasting aroma.

Storage conditions: in a clean, ventilated, dry place, avoiding sunlight.

Storage: Store in the sun, odorless and pollution free.

Shelf life: Suitable for long-term storage under storage conditions.

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Weight 0,357 kg
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1/2 (175 gram), 1/4 (85 gram), Whole


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