Quality certificate: QS5335 1401 0505.

National Chinese Standard for Puer Tea: GB/T 22111-2008.

Year of production: 2015.

Origin: China, Yunnan province.



High-quality shu pu-erh from the Yunnan province of the Jinji series, with a bright nutty-woody aroma and a rich, pleasant, memorable taste. This tea is worth a try for all lovers of Chinese teas. This tea is a really pleasant, bright shu, which gives an amazing tonic effect. We recommend drinking it during the day, or in the morning, or at the very beginning of the evening to drive away fatigue. The tonic effect of pu-erh “Wise teacher” will appeal even to seasoned connoisseurs and lovers of shu pu-erh.

Appearance: high quality, brightly veined pancake with brownish dark leaves about two thirds.

Aroma: bright, pleasant, saturated, well perceptible even from a dry pancake of tea, and becoming bright during the preparation of the infusion, nutty-woody.

Taste: full-bodied, pleasant, “dry”, leaving a pleasant, long aftertaste.

To brew it, you need to take clean, prepared water, bring it to a temperature of about 95 degrees, take about 5 … 10 grams of pu-erh for one tea party. Put the pu-erh into a gaiwan, rinse the tea, brew it with infusions or exposures, starting with about 20 seconds of contact between tea and water and increasing the time of contact between water and tea by 10 seconds with each brewing.

We wish you bright, pleasant impressions with shu pu-erh “Wise teacher”!

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