Origin: Mainland China, Yunnan Province.

Type: fermented, or black, shu pu-erh.

Chinese State Standard: GB/T22111-2008

Quality certificate: QS532814040505.

Manufacturer: Yunnan Tea King Tea Co., Ltd.

Factory: Donghai Tea King Tea Factory.



Fragrant, pleasant in taste and bringing bright tea impressions dark pu-erh produced in 2012, this drink will certainly appeal to lovers of shu pu-erh. In its aroma, nutty-woody notes are clearly felt, pu-erh leaves a rich and long aftertaste. The drink can be consumed both in the morning and during the day, and at the beginning of the evening, in order to drive away the fatigue accumulated during the day.

Aroma: distinct nutty-woody, very pleasant.

Taste: rich and bright taste typical of shu pu-erh with a nutty aroma, leaving a long pleasant aftertaste.

The tea effect of this drink is tonic, and largely depends on the internal state of the drinker of this tea. If you want to stay up at night, strong “Imperial Mountain Puer” will help to fulfill this desire, however, many tea lovers drink this drink in the evening and do not experience undesirable effects in the form of insomnia.

We recommend drinking “Imperial Mountain Pu-erh” 20-40 minutes after a meal, brewing it in a gaiwan or a teapot. Use prepared clean water, not brought to a boil, but already intensively emitting steam bubbles that break away from the centers of boiling and make a noise that is clearly audible in an electric kettle.

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