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Manufacturer: Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha Co., LTD.

Net weight: 100 g

Quality certificate: SC11453290112730.

Chinese standard for pu-erh tea: GB/T22111.



Fragrant tea “To cha Xia Guan” is made by one of the most famous pu-erh factories, Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha Co., LTD. This tea gives a rich, fragrant and very pleasant tonic infusion. This tea will appeal to those who love dark tonic pu-erhs with a rich taste and a pleasant, long aftertaste. In its aroma you can feel the notes of dried fruits, nuts and prunes. Tea for lovers of good shu.

The aroma of tea is rich, pleasant, typical for high quality shu pu-erh, with hints of dried fruits, nuts, branches of fruit trees.

The taste is rich, with a long pleasant aftertaste, typical for high-quality black pu-erh.

Infusion color: dark, saturated, from the second or third brewing black, opaque, “petroleum”.

This tea should be brewed according to the rules for brewing shu pu-erh: carefully separate 5 to 10 g of tea from this cha with a knife for splitting pu-erh. Put the tea in a gaiwan or teapot, rinse with hot water not brought to a boil, and brew it with exposures. Start with about 20 seconds, and increase the contact time of tea with water by 10 seconds with each brew.

Enjoy the fragrant shu pu-erh “To cha Xiaguan” and be happy!

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