Standard: GB/T 22111.

Quality certificate: QS1145 5305024 6036.

Year of manufacture: 2018.

Origin: China, Yunnan province.



Try high-quality black Puer Sai Ding Ri Jing Zai, which has a rich pleasant aroma, a strong tonic effect and a pleasant mild taste. This tea is not bitter, even if it is brewed very strong, it pleasantly tones up, drives away fatigue and restores strength, improves mood. In its aroma, you can catch both nutty and earthy notes, as well as the aroma of prunes and dried fruits.

Aroma: pleasant, slightly spicy, characteristic of shu pu-erh.

Taste: rich, dense, with hints of nuts, dried fruits.

Infusion color: dark cognac at the first brewing, almost opaque red-black at the fifth or fourth brewing.

This tea is characterized by constancy of taste and aroma, intense dark color of the infusion, bright and interesting tea effect, pleasant aftertaste with a rich play of shades. This tea brings pleasure with every feature. Already after washing, it gives a dark beautiful infusion of intense brown color. By the fourth or fifth brewing, a slight sourness may appear.

We wish you a pleasant tea drinking with bright black pu-erh “The Sun over the Pagoda”!

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1/2 (175 gram), 1/4 (85 gram), Whole


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