Origin: China, Yunnan province.

Year of manufacture: 2018.

Inter-industry standard for Pu-erh tea: GB/T22111

Quality Certificate: QS1145 3050 246036.

Set: Yiwu Mingshan Classic Si De



Stunning fragrant shu pu-erh with a rich taste, a pleasant tonic tea effect. This tea was made in 2009 in Yunnan province. Shu pu-erh “Fengsai Province” can be attributed to high quality teas, with nutty and woody flavors and aromas. This amazing shu pu-erh is worth a try for all Yunnan tea lovers. If you want to try shu pu-erh for the first time, you should also start your acquaintance with this type of tea with pu-erh “Fengsai Province”.

Aroma: rich, pleasant, deep, with hints of dried fruit, wood, walnut. The utensils, in which the tea infusion of this pu-erh has been, also has a very pleasant aroma.

Taste: deep, very pleasant, nutty-woody, with hints of dried fruit, long and very pleasant tart aftertaste.

The infusion is dark, rich, almost opaque, typical for high-quality shu pu-erh.

The tea effect of this tea on the body is bright, powerful, tonic. Do not drink this tea on an empty stomach, the best time to drink tea with shu pu-erh is 20-30 minutes after a meal.

It is worth brewing this tea in the same way as usually dark pu-erhs are brewed: in a gaiwan or a teapot with a volume of about 100…150 ml, taking about 5…10 g of tea for one brewing. Rinse the tea before brewing, and brew it with exposures starting with about 20 seconds of tea-water contact in the gaiwan, increasing the tea-water contact time by 5-10 seconds with each new brewing.

Enjoy fragrant bright shu pu-erh “Fengsai Province”!

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