Shu puer Lao Tong Zhi 9978


Origin: China, Yunnan province.

Year of manufacture: 2021.

Interindustry Standard for Puer Tea: GB/T22111-2008.



Wonderful classic shu from the Haiwan (TM) factory. One of the key creators of pu-erh technology, Zou Bing Liang, had a hand in creating this pancake recipe. “9978” is an alternative to the famous taste 7572 created by Da Yi Brand, with a rich taste and pleasant aroma for lovers of the classics! The bouquet of the tea is perfectly balanced between notes like dry wood or nuts along with hints of prunes that make up its full body flavor and also add creaminess to the mouth due to the presence of all these ingredients while drinking. It is ideally combined not only in the morning, but also during lunch.

Lao Tong Zhi 9978 – 2018 shu pu-erh from the Menghai Haiwan factory.

The recipe code on the package -9978- stands for the following: the first two digits (99) indicate the year of development, the second digit indicates the leaf variety, and the last digit indicates the factory from which it was produced (8).

Release year: 2021.

Characteristics: Spicy, but unusual aroma with sourness and hints of field herbs.

The taste is very soft, woody on the tongue;  then long notes appear, reminiscent of some kind of herb(s) in the throat – possibly chamomile or St. John’s wort.

The first sip of shu pu-erh reveals a spicy and atypical taste with sourness. The aftertaste is long, which is also characteristic – perhaps due to chamomile or St. John’s wort in addition to other herbs growing near the place of tea production (perhaps something like cloves). This pleasant yet invigorating energy drink can keep you warm on cold winter days too!

You can also feel its invigorating effect! This type of tea also normalizes metabolism, so it helps to cure peptic ulcers if taken during work at any time possible.

In 1999, the state-owned Menghai Tea Factory in southwest China’s Sichuan province was led by director Zhou Bing Liang when he stepped back from his post to establish an independent enterprise with magnificent mountains and endless plains as inspiration for the creation of superior quality pu-erh tea. His words: “Tea producers should be responsible for ensuring that good quality tea is produced so that everyone can afford it”, whether rich or poor, is something we must consider if pu-erh is to be seen solely as a luxury item, affordable only thanks to high prices” Since then, the Haiwan factory has been producing excellent quality pu-erh at very reasonable prices!

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