Shu Pu’er “Emperor’s Socks”.


Plunge into the majestic world of oriental tea with Shu Puer “Emperor’s Socks”. This sophisticated tea offers a rich taste and unique aroma, inspiring and impressing with every sip.



Immerse yourself in the grandeur and sophistication with Shu Pu’er “Emperor’s Socks”. This exceptional tea offers a refined taste and exquisite aroma that will transport you to ancient times of the Chinese empire.

“Emperor’s Socks” is not just tea; it’s a source of inspiration and magnificence. Its deep and rich flavor is accompanied by a unique aroma, creating an unparalleled tea experience.

This Shu Pu’er is perfect for those who value tradition and strive for the highest quality. It provides strength and energy, allowing you to savor the moment and forget about everything in the greatness and beauty of Chinese culture.

Choose Shu Pu’er “Emperor’s Socks” and delve into the grandeur of Eastern tea right at home.

Key Features:

  •  Exceptional Shu Pu’er with a refined taste
  •  Deep and rich aroma
  •  Source of inspiration and magnificence
  •  Suitable for those who value tradition and quality

Discover Shu Pu’er “Emperor’s Socks” and immerse yourself in the grandeur of Eastern tea culture right at home.


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